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Updated: 2 hours 57 min ago

An Oasis of Award-Winning EVOO in Tabernas

Fri, 15/09/2017 - 00:29
Sergio Leone, the Italian filmmaker, chose the desert region of Tabernas as a film location for his Spaghetti Westerns. Few believed the area was right for olive oil production.

California’s International Culinary Center to Host 3rd Olive Oil Sommelier Program

Tue, 12/09/2017 - 02:40
An international faculty of renowned experts will guide students through more than 100 olive oil samples from 26 countries in the world’s most comprehensive curriculum in olive oil quality assessment.

What Does the Future Hold for Pitted Olive Oils?

Tue, 12/09/2017 - 00:20
With more producers taking advantage of advances in milling technology, are pitted oils set to become a more common sight on store shelves or are they destined to remain a niche product?

New Research Highlights Role of Agriculture in Climate Change

Mon, 11/09/2017 - 22:38
Researchers have estimated the amount of carbon lost worldwide through agricultural practices to be 133 billion tons.

Extra Virgin Gelato Is All the Rage

Fri, 08/09/2017 - 00:56
Ice cream makers are using extra virgin olive oil as a substitute for fats traditionally used in gelato, and the results are excellent.

Can Olive Trees Protect From Forest Fires?

Thu, 07/09/2017 - 23:57
After forest fires raged this summer across the Mediterranean, authorities are looking to olive groves and vineyards as fire-resistant alternatives.

Dark Chocolate With Extra Virgin Olive Oil Improves Cardiovascular Risk Profile

Sat, 02/09/2017 - 01:03
Small daily portions of dark chocolate with added natural polyphenols from extra virgin olive oil was associated with an improved cardiovascular risk profile, researchers found.

Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels Will Reduce Nutritional Value of Crops

Thu, 31/08/2017 - 21:47
The effects of carbon dioxide put populations at risk of losing the available dietary protein in staple crops, compounding the challenges of poverty worldwide.

Grape Extracts in Wine Can Help Fight Colon Cancer, Research Suggests

Thu, 31/08/2017 - 00:48
A study conducted on mice at Penn State's Hershey Cancer Institute showed that various compounds found in grape seeds can kill cancerous colorectal stem cells.

Mediterranean Diet Linked to Lower Risk of Gallbladder Surgeries

Wed, 30/08/2017 - 02:02
New research discovered the consumption of staples of the Mediterranean diet, such as whole grain breads, fruit, vegetable oil and legumes, may promote the health of the gallbladder.

Temecula Partners With Home Builder to Create Community Centered Around Olives

Wed, 30/08/2017 - 00:39
Temecula Olive Oil Company is working with a real estate developer on their upcoming Miralon residential project, a modern community built around olive groves.

Farmers Battle Xylella Outbreak on Mallorca

Mon, 28/08/2017 - 23:07
Wrenching decisions on how to eradicate the disease are confronting islanders as they imagine a landscape without vegetation. The spread of the disease to mainland Spain is seen as inevitable.